Select Sheen Sheen Guide. Aura is the only interior paint for me now. But now that all the other paint has been reformulated, these colors are available in each of Benjamin Moore’s formulations. Benjamin Moore Regal Select REVIVE was designed specifically for vinyl siding and offers protection while improving, enhancing, and refreshing the appearance of a home. I get a lot of hits from people searching the differences between two lines of Benjamin Moore paint, Natura and Aura. Check out the Spec sheet here. This paint has the best hide out of all their products and is the most durable too. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 24, 2017. Outstanding durability in even the toughest weather conditions. It applies quickly and easily and is splatter resistant. These Benjamin Moore favorites with timeless appeal complement styles from traditional to modern and everything in between. Your choices in Benjamin Moore paint for exterior applications consist of: Aura Exterior with Color Lock; Regal Select Exterior; Regal Select Exterior High Build for a protective finish in fewer coats; Ben Exterior; The variety of exterior lines affords you the flexibility to stay within budget while getting a quality finish that passes the test of time. Regal® Select Matte. EXTERIOR STAIN PRODUCTS from Benjamin Moore. The Regal Select paint is a better pick compared to Cashmere although their difference is not much. Whether it is satin or gloss.It dries to the touch within 4-6 hours but the recoat time is between 12-16 hours. Aura Waterborne Interior Paint - Matte. Aura may be the thickest paint you’ll ever use. Leur capacité à retenir une grande quantité de peinture rend le travail plus rapide. It is priced at around $59 US for one gallon. I get a lot of hits from people searching the differences between two lines of Benjamin Moore paint, Natura and Aura. However, compared to Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select, it’s a cheaper model. A quick Google search of a retailer near you should help you find one. 10,719 Posts #3 • Feb 13, 2010. Although Duration is a good quality exterior paint that dries fast for re-coat it does not have the same hide as Aura. BM Aura is a Waterborne interior and exterior paint that uses 100% Acrylic resins. If the humidity is above 60%, forget about using this product. Home » Benjamin Moore Aura Paint Review 2020, There is no doubt that Benjamin Moore Aura is a premium paint for your home improvement projects. With Aura Exterior, see color like you've never seen it before. To learn more about Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select and Aura interior paints, call or visit us here at The Paint People. Regal. Both paints cover better, touch up better and can get the job done in two coats. Usually red, bright yellow and dark blue are colors that need a grey primer as a base in or multiple coats. Learn More. At the end, if you are on budget, go with Benjamin Moore Ultraspec, Sherwin Williams Quali Koat and Dulux Xpert. (colors, ceilings, convert) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Which paint is more durable Benjamin Moore Scuff X or Aura? ... Aura Exterior with our exclusive Color Lock technology provides the ultimate performance for rich, full color and unprecedented durability. I used benjamin moore advance (white- no tint) on solid maple kitchen cabinets I made along with all the mouldings and wainscoting, shelves etc, made out of oak, pine, maple and poplar and found it to be the best paint I ever used. Aura is very comparable to Behr Marquee. Even better than Regal is Benjamin Moore’s Aura. In the following picture our painters look amazed that they two coats of red was sufficient. With exclusive color lock technology, the high build formula provides excellent hide and coverage with less coats. Benjamin Moore Regal 103 is probably THE best exterior paint Moorgard) I’ve ever used and it’s price comp to SW. It’s also a great paint if you appreciate faster recoat times. Before Aura was introduced, it was common to expcect 5-6 coats of red to achieve 100% hiding. Go up a price point and you’ll get Regal from Benjamin Moore. The results are well worth the wait if you account for it. Premium paint for both homeowners and professionals in WA & ID. If you want to deep color accent wall, go with Benjamin Moore Aura, Sherwin Williams Duration and Dulux Diamond. And these products do keep changing. Consult with our professionals at the Painted Horse of Lexington and Georgetown. Benjamin Moore Regal exterior is not cheap. This was not just any red but Benjamin Moore’s Caliente AF-290. What Type Of Loan Is Best For Home Improvements? Finally, Aura is Benjamin Moore’s fanciest line of paint. If you are embarking on a new project, at home or commercially, check back often for up to date Benjamin Moore paint sale information. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. With Aura Exterior, see color like you've never seen it before. It seems like hands down, BM is the way to go if you want top of the line. Well SW is offering 30% off dropping that price to $41. Benjamin Moore Regal paint is very forgiving. Shop at Regal Paint Centers in MD & VA. We real weakness of Benjamin Moore Regal exterior house paint is it’s inability to be applied under less than perfect conditions. The Regal line is Benjamin Moore's premium paint line, and before Aura it was their best. I was told from someone at BM that Ben … Because at first, this was the only group of colors using the waterborne colorants, these colors are sometimes thought to be only available in Aura paint, Benjamin Moore’s top of the line paint. Regal Select is a versatile line that can be used all over the home, including ceilings (it’s available in a Ready Mix White!). Just as the interior paint, the exterior is another high-performance premium option. Humidity really give this paint a hard time. Consult with our professionals at the Painted Horse of Lexington and Georgetown. Second, they have just five different basic lines of interior paints. The Regal products built Benjamin Moore into the reputable paint company it is today. Select Aura Bath and Spa for areas that are exposed to moisture. The higher price mark might make it a more practical option for smaller projects. It has better coverage and durability, but comes at a much higher price. Benjamin Moore even makes a matte finish exclusively for the bathroom called Aura Bath and Spa. As jmayspaint says, not all coats of paint are the same. Benjamin Moore Regal Select vs. Sherwin Williams Cashmere. Aura can be tinted to any Benjamin Moore colour but it does tend to colour shift more than Regal Select. Benjamin Moore doesn't recommend using primer on new wallboard except in cases of deep tone colors, when the Aura color foundation primer can be used. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. One gallon of the Aura paint usually costs around $63 US and can be purchased at a BM paint retailer. It comes in Matte, Eggshell, Satin, and Semi-Gloss finishes. The walls are also two coats of Benjamin Moore Regal paint.
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