Location:Cactuar Island(South of Esthar) Notes:get lots of Auras and/or waters. Cat grass seeds will be included with the planter. As far as I am aware, the sandy areas of Cactuar Island are the most densely populated area for random encounters in the entire game. This page is about the GF Cactuar from the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVIII). Doomtrain Head over to the Grandidi Forest, which is the forest surrounding The Chocobo Sanctuary. I was able to then glide easily to Cactuar Island from the desert base. There are a few more things you can do now too. (With Strange Vision, Selphie likewise … Coming into contact with it will start a fight with the Jumbo Cactuar, and defeating it obtains the Cactuar GF in FF8. Jumbo Cactuar: Element: N/A Card Mod: 1 = 1 Cactus Thorn. It'll only take 10 minutes or so to max out all of the new abilities so there's no reason not to. Just add potting soil, On top of that, near the end it will start to get nervous. (FF8) Final Fantasy VIII : PuPu & UFO (Side Quest) Guide ... East of Cactuar Island. Again, run around until the UFO appears. I love Cactuars. Cactuar Once you have the Ragnarok Airship, go to the desert island to the east of the Centra Ruins. These cards can be turned to Hungry Cookpot to allow a Guardian Force to learn the Devour ability. Cactuar is found on Catuar Island. This planter measures 4 wide and 4.25 tall as shown in photos. If you bump into this cactus, you will initiate battle against the Jumbo Cactaur. Name: Names of Bosses appear in italics. Esthar is the largest city in the known world. Basics. Area Near Cactuar Island - FF8 Guide The best location for you to AP grind in Final Fantasy 8 is Cactuar Island which is found in the southeastern portion of the world. Adorable Final Fantasy 7 desk planter. Feel free to plant whatever you want to see grow! ... B-Garden – Girl with Pigtail ... Cactuar Island, Deep Sea Research Centre quests. A small remote island being home to the cactus like monster known as the Cactuar. Fly to a desert island east of the Centra Ruins. Items: Cottage, Card Key 1, Card Key 2, Card Key 3, Cerberus Card. Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section. This section lists some important info on all the enemies in the game. All enemies here have 50k+ health. I'd also recommend you pay a visit to Cactuar Island again now that you got two new GFs. After witnessing the UFO your next task will be to travel East and land the Ragnarok on the cliffs/canyon. official guide said it was 6000-60,000 but I faught this guy at 100,000. and my other friend has faught him at 600,000 so that's what I'm. Esthar Continent Esthar . You'll recognize it when you're there because it really is shaped like a long horn. Laguna 5th Dream talking to fellow prisoner (worker for Odine Lab). Guardian Force: Cerberus, Alexander. I'd be patient, and make sure that the Adamantoises are level 30+. First would be grabbing the Weapons Monthly, July Issue from the Training Center section of Balamb Garden. Just 100% this game. Main Article: Esthar City. Strategy:OK, my friend told me that my HP range was wrong because his. Something green can be seen on the island every now and then. That was the reason Sorceress Edea utilized Galbadia Garden's own mobile device and got her army ready to intercept the now mobile Balamb Garden. FINAL FANTASY VIII – REMASTERED is a remaster of FINAL FANTASY VIII, featuring multiple enhancements including additional options to customise your gameplay experience and difficulty.A lot of achievements from the original Steam release were removed from this version. Defeat Jumbo Cactuar on the Cactuar Island off the shore of Kashkabald Desert in Centra. Location: Win from the students in Galbadia Garden or win from Martine in the Card Game, who holds all of the LV 7 Boss Cards. Malboros are found on the Island Closest to Hell. - Heath Peninsula: Small island east of Trabia Garden - Kashkabald Desert: Just east of Cactuar Island Once you have seen the UFO in each of these locations you can continue with the rest of the quest. As far as I recall, Longhorn Island is to the north of Dollet. Heath Peninsula-To the east of the icy plains near Trabia, you'll find a small peninsula. The Battle of the Gardens started in the south of the Centra continent, north-east of the Cape of Good Hope, just east of Edea's House and it continued on over the Lenown Plains near the Almaj Mountains. Defeat it to recruit the Guardian Force. Favourite Area(s): Cactuar Island. Cactuar Island . This boss isn’t so much difficult as it is annoying. ; HP: Hit points, in a range from Level 1-100 Weak: Magic which does more than normal damage to an enemy Strong: Magic which will either cure an enemy, or will have no effect One island you'll want to be aware of is Cactuar Island, a small desert island south of Kashkabald Desert. Land on the small island next to it. This is Cactuar Island, where you may see a Cactuar pop out of the sands from time to time. You will encounter two and three Cactuars at a roughly equal rate, and more rarely four Cactuars in a single battle. =>CACTUAR ISLAND - Just before entering Lunatic Pandora at the end of Disc 3<= Choose Zell + Squall + Irvine (As they have the fastest attack animations) If Selphie has her Strange Vision weapon, use her instead of Zell as she has 255% accuracy on the weapon, granting more guaranteed kills in the same amount of time Run around here and you will get into a fight with the UFO, destroy it to see the ship blow up somewhere. Fly to the Kashkabald Desert and from there find a small desert island to the southeast. Fly around until you find an island with a huge cactus on it, run against it; fight but watch out because he's pretty strong. While the steep cliffs were too high for Balamb Garden, the Ragnarok can easily land on the rocky edges. Favourite Boss: Edea Favourite Airship: The Ragnarok Favourite Magic System:… Other than that, the only Location of note is Edea's House. Read on to see this GF’s Abilities, Stats, the effect of their Summon Ability, and how to obtain Cactuar. You can either mug or get them as a battle reward. It has a LOT of HP, making this a long fight. Cactuar can only be obtained once players get the Rangarok Airship. putting. It is also said that on this desert island, one may be lucky enough to encounter the Jumbo Cactuar. Defeat Cactuar on Cactuar Island to gain the Cactuar- GF. Cactuar: A well-rounded GF, Cactuar will boost vitality, luck, speed, evasion and magic stats. Does Squall still carry Rinoa everywhere? 4. (GF) next to the name indicates you can [Draw] a Guardian Force from the enemy. Your ff8 save file keep track of certain parameters. 5. I just restarted FF8 and fancy doing a low level run (again) ... No I know I'm just going to use her to get to Cactuar Island and smash out AP farming. Cactuar Island: Earn high amounts of AP in order to gain GF abilities much faster by traveling to Cactuar Island and defeating Cactuars: Obtain Odin: Complete the Shumi Village side quest: Complete the Chocobo Forest side quest: You can obtain the following cards: Leviathan Card, Carbuncle Card, Gilgamesh Card, Rinoa Card Clash of the Gardens. The Centra Region is pretty barren, even of Draw points. Quezacotl - Balamb Garden, Squalls study panel Shiva - Balamb Garden, Squalls study panel ... Cactuar - Cactuar Island Tonberry - Centra Ruins Eden - Held by Ultima weapon, Deap Sea Deposit 3. They like to run away, but fortunately Squall doesn't miss so you can usually kill at least one. ... You can go back to the garden with Edea and traverse the world? Once you have the Ragnarok, you’ll be able to access Cactuar Island, a little place to the south of Esthar City. Understandable. Kashkabald Desert-The desert is south of Esthar, somewhere to the west of Cactuar Island. You will see a cactus sticking up in the island that keeps moving around. You can use Ragnarok to fly to the highlands of North Esthar and Grandidi Forest to encounter the final UFO battle. Run around until you find the UFO. Alternatively, you can 'Card Mod' 4 Malboro cards into 1 Malboro tentacle (24 would be needed for the 6 tentacles). You can't reach Cactuar Island with Balamb Garden but you can get pretty close, the best location to park is shown in my screenshot above as well as below in relation to the camp. A. Location: Win from the students in Galbadia Garden or win from Martine in the Card Game, who holds all of the LV 7 Boss Cards. In Heath Peninsula, on a grey island East of Trabia. Cactuar. Achieving a perfect game is slightly different to a perfect save file when all minor unrepeatable actions are also recorded. 4 Jumbo Cactuar As is generally the case in Final Fantasy titles, unlocking the airship grants the player access to all kinds of areas on the world map. After boarding the ship in Centra Ruins of Balamb Garden, defeat the smaller Tonberrys to get to Tonberry King. Tri-point: Element: Thunder Favourite Character: Quistis Trepe Favourite 'Ultimate' Monster: Jumbo Cactuar Favourite Weapon: Chain Whip Favourite Limit: Quistis, so much blue magic to choose from. Occassionally, something green will spawn on the island. The planter is shown with real Cat Grass growing from the planter base. It is amazing how much u can make Squall a one-man army in this game. You'll find nothing but Cactuars here. I assume you're trying to get Adamantoises to drop Adamantines, however I'll warn you, they have something of a low appearance rate. I still needed 300+ kills before I finished the game so I went to that cactuar island … The Centra Ruins are noteworthy, and you can enter them as soon as Balamb Garden becomes mobile. Island Closest to Hell is the leftmost island. This is the Jumbo Cactuar Side Quest Walkthrough for the game Final Fantasy VIII (FF8, FFVII). In Kashkabald Desert to the western area near Cactuar Island. Before, the last time I played this game, I was able to get the Garden to land on the Desert first with careful timing and the maneuvering of the Garden itslef and nailed the island.
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