Apple has various warranty programs that many may not know until you actually get to visit them such as the Quality Program or the Repair Program where Apple even services the iPad Pro Smart Keyboard for up to three years. You’re a life saver. Then it reappeared. Worked like a charm. You can check this easily by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Just make sure you can either read the serial # or have the original box with the serial number. “Accessory Not Supported.This accessory is not supported by this device. how do you bend the connectors? Thanks for your help! I complained to an Apple Tech at my local Jump+ (a official Canadian apple reseller and repair shop) and he told me there was a recall for the older iPad Pro smart keyboards especially because of this problem, as long as your keyboard is less than 3 years old. Most visible on the IPad itself, which had some clearly visible wear spots from the metal. I placed a thin strip of electrical tape on top of the part of the magnetic strip that were worn out and showing bits of metal coming through. It’s important to keep your iPad updated regularly. I cant figure it out.. like on the iPad keyboard??? I also went into the settings under ‘Keyboards’. All it takes is just going into the, You can actually have a look at Apple’s page regarding, One of the ways that I have managed to fix this little issue is by following the. To do this, just press the home button and the power button at the same time for at least 10 seconds. Omg! Using the keyboard to type this review. My auto update has always been off, yet Apple pushed it through. This has been bugging me for so many months, and now it’s fixed! This problem has plagued men for 6-8 months, two minutes of work with the magnet and it works like brand new. Voila! I followed a post on a different site. I will see an Apple Genius person when I am next in a city that has one. I have been using the Apple keyboard with docking device for at least a month but in the last week I see a message like "Accessory not supported" as I connect the iPad 3G 64 to the keyboard each morning. There was some tiny metallic pieces in the magnet strip above the “1” key. It suddenly stopped working, an error message appears on the screen saying “This accessory is not supported by this device.”. Comments 10 comments. After listening to my friend's suggestion to update iOS to the latest version, the problem that accessory may not be supported on iPad is …  You may check your warranty status. Your accessory may cause this error message because something went wrong when you tried to plug in and use this accessory.  Your Lightning Cable may produce a similar error if it is not MFI certified. Now I get a message saying "This accessory is not supported by this device." Jun 24, 2010 . Now the big question is “how do you fix it”? Worked for a day back to same message . However, this floating keyboard tends to act up and here’s how you can try to get it working again: Open the Settings app on your iPad… you don’t bend the connectors, you gently flex the strip that the connectors are on – its the strip that has the magnetic fixing in this is so that the connectors make full contact with the mating parts, I just wanted to thanks Patrick as well! So no more connection errors! I put on some Scotch tape, and the keyboard worker again! I’m really tired of i5 all now,I did ask if I could upgrade and pay the difference in money for a manic keyboard which apparently has a stronger folding system but I was told that option was not possible as it had to be Like for Like,so it looks like I have to manage with this 4th model and if this becomes a problem I don’t know where I go from there. This is also called a force restart. Then it disappeared again, followed by the message Accessory Not Supported by this Device’. SOLVED for me!!! Slightly bowed the connector strip up in the middle. It could be something wrong with your charger, not … Ok” Now if I click OK the message disappears but again comes back after sometimes. Then turn on your device. Release them when the Apple logo appears on the screen. Works for me! If you re soo disappointed, you can also send feedback to Apple. I 'm also facing the same issue with my MIDI keyboard and a not original USB to lightning generic adapter. Unable To Use Keyboard Dock/Accessory Not Supported? These suggestions are not great. I called Apple months ago and have gotten the run around. Thank you, worked beautifully. This removes the humongous keyboard that takes up half the screen, and adds QuickType for even faster typing. Restoring the magnetic link – I’ve come across this before. Gracias, vivo en Bolivia y acá no hay soporte técnico. Step 2:  Next, keep holding the button down until you see the “Slide to Power Off” screen on the iPad. Grateful to be able to use my ipad smart keyboard again! Thanks. Will see when it stops if we can repeat the treatment. So I left the magnet sit in the galley on my keyboard and walked away for a little bit. When you snap the keyboard together ready for typing a magnet on the oposing face triggers the switch. Thanks a lot! Mine was (barely) and I got a new Smart Keyboard for free. If nothing in this guide has helped to fix the issue, then you can always choose to contact Apple directly and let them know what’s the issue. Sadly, the magic fix didn’t work for me. I too was having this problem. Jumped to #5 and Viola – back in business. iPad Pro Smart Keyboard Says “This accessory is not supported by this device”: 6 Ways . To renew a weakened magnet, carefully bring it in contact with a neodymium magnet–just rub it against the magnets on … If you are in an application that is waiting for input the onscreen keyboard will dissapear meaning that the physical keyboard is ready for typing. Unfortunately the new apple key board also started giving the same problem. Hello. Thank you for posting this fix, it was hopeful to try!! Forced restart. +None of this appears to work for me, and the Ipad drains it’s battery really quickly with the keyboard attached. It is highly likely that your iPad Pro is unable to detect your Smart Smart Keyboard Folio or Smart Keyboard. I recently had this same problem and none of these fixes worked for me. Will never know how that happened, and will see if moving it to the “on” position, stops the issues not only with the message, but also if it restores how well it works as well. The middle pin appeared worn down. I’ve had my iPad and keyboard for at least 4-5 years. Unable To Use Keyboard Dock/Accessory Not Supported? Firstly, Check if your iPad is Updated. I very carefully bent it so it was straight again and immediately it all worked again. Thanks ever so much, I would have never dared to bend it ever so slightly for fear or damaging anything but as you all suggested it, it worked! I understand your frustration too, Bonnie.
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