There are many fancy coffee shops in Bishkek these days but we never frequented them being tea drinkers. One good website that is also has a phone app and that can help you find an apartment in Kyrgyzstan is Lalafo. Look for столовая. It’s also worth noting that these are costs for traveling in summer—winter travel in Kyrgyzstan can get even cheaper when it comes to accommodation. 2. Camping on the Ala-Kol lake trek – 150 Som to take a tent into the national park, then free to camp every night. Currency: Sticky Currency Switch to metric measurement units. I paid 400 Som per night for tent hire from a local agency. We took it just for fun! You can travel on your own tempo, camp along the way and you’ll see sides of the country that you wouldn’t if you’d be traveling by public transport. Useful? Despite proposals to abolish the visa-free regime, the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan vowed to retain the current policy in December 2015. They are relatively cheap and ideal if you travel by yourself in the country and you want to meet fellow backpackers. Well,  we have been travelling here for almost 2 months in total and so far, per person, per day it has cost us –, Som 1,025 / US $14.76 /  £11.44   / AUS $20.11. You have a few options depending on your budget and desire to cook. Hitchhiking is also quite common in Kyrgyzstan but bare in mind that the Kyrgyz drivers might ask you for money when giving you a ride. Getting around in Kyrgyzstan by public transport costs very little. This is budget travel. Rent in Kyrgyzstan is, on average, 81.85% lower than in United States. It’s not hard to understand why Cynthia and I lived and traveled there for a whole year when there were so many beautiful places to see and so many things to do in this little Central-Asian country. We did not take any package tours on horse riding trips to the lakes like many other tourists do but as a ball park figure we heard that a 3 day trip with yurt stay accommodation and food was around 7000 Som = US$102 / £79 / AU$ 139. Our suggestion is to look for housing before or after the high season (May – September) as the prices will be lower. We paid 300 USD a month for the apartment and about 25 USD for utilities(gas, water, wi-fi). If you bring your own tent to Kyrgyzstan then accommodation prices all of a sudden become very cheap. Group (23) Partially Guided (19) Adventure (17) Discovery (15) Hiking & Trekking (12) Private (10) Fully Guided (8) Duration. It’s possible to find them through Airbnb, Facebook groups and through some phone apps. of Entry Visa Validity Stay Validity Processing Time Visa Fee; 30 Days Visa: Tourist Visa: Single Entry: 30 Days: 30 Days: 6 - 8 Days: 65.0 USD: 90 Days Visa: Tourist Visa: Single Entry: 90 Days: 90 Days: 6 - 8 Days: 75.0 USD: 30 Days Visa: Tourist Visa: Double Entry: 30 Days: 30 Days: 6 - 8 Days: 90.0 USD Blog YouTube. You can write a post in the Facebook group directly with your preferences. We sterilize water using a steri-pen to reduce plastic wastage. We’ll go through what we spent as an example of what you can expect to spend whilst travelling in Kyrgyzstan. Chinese border to Sary Mogul – Shared taxi – 850 Som, Sary Mogul to Osh – Shared taxi – 400 Som, Osh to Arslanbob – Mixture of 3 separate Marshrutkas – Total cost – 420 Som, Arslanbob to Bishkek –  Marshrutka then Shared taxi – Total cost – 1400 Som, Bishkek to Karakol – Marshrutka – 400 Som, Karakol to Jyrgylan – Marshrutka  – 110 Som, Karakol to Jeti Oguz resort – Marshrutka – 100 Som, Karakol to Bokonbaev – Marshrutka – 150 Som, Bokonbaev to Bishkek – Marshrutka – 300 Som. The following prices are an average of what you can typically expect to pay for an apartment in Kyrgyzstan (as of February 2019): There are many different ways to find an apartment in Kyrgyzstan. CBT Kyrgyzstan (Community Based Tourism Kyrgyzstan) ... As a piece of advice, toilets at gas stations should be avoided at all costs even if it means finding a bush on the side of the road. There is no real regular bus service like in most other countries. Here are guesthouses where we particularly enjoyed staying in Bishkek: Bed & Breakfast Bishkek Hitchhiking is quite common in Kyrgyzstan and it’s not unusual to see people standing by the side of the road asking for a ride. and our complete city guide to Bishkek). If you would like to add anything or amend any figures or if you have any questions, please write a comment in the form below. If you visit Kyrgyzstan between the months of May and September, you definitely have to spend at least one night in a yurt! The most expensive way will be renting a car, the cheapest way will be to travel by public transport. Hi, have a distant thought of travel in Kyrgyzstan. While we were living in Kyrgyzstan, Cynthia and I would buy our groceries in a local supermarket and it saved us tons of money. Depending on the facilities (meaning if it’s a ‘luxurious’ yurt camp or not), you could have a yurt for yourself or you might have to share one with other travelers. We show what a budget traveller can expect to spend on a daily basis to help you plan a budget backpacking trip to Kyrgyzstan. Shared taxis in Kyrgyzstan are more expensive (about twice or triple the price of a marshrutka) but a faster way to get around. ... Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kyrgyzstan has launched e-Visa portal to facilitate visa issuance process for genuine travellers. This is budget travel. Fast food like Kebabs, burgers or samsas (meat, cheese or potato in a pastry parcel) on the street is also a bargain filler whilst on the move. It’s a twelve-hour drive to reach the southern city from the capital. Here’s an overview of their price list: Price for members of the Trekking Union: 150 som Regular price: 250 som, Price for members of the Trekking Union: 100 som Regular price:160 som, Price for members of the Trekking Union: 140 som Regular price: 200 som, Price for members of the Trekking Union: 40 som, Price for members of the Trekking Union: 80 som Regular price: 130 som. Cheap and plentiful from supermarkets, local shops and street stalls. Staying in such a yurt camp usually costs between 700 and 1000 som ($10 – $14), depending on whether or not breakfast and dinner are included. This is the location of their office in Bishkek: A marshrutka is a minibus that looks like a van and it’s the cheapest and most popular means of transport for the locals to travel in Kyrgyzstan. Ultimate Packing List for Camping and Trekking in Kyrgyzstan! You can always find a Marshrutka going your way if you ask around. You can ask the family to spend the night there and they’ll most likely welcome you. Here are the top hostels we recommend for Bishkek: Guesthouses in Kyrgyzstan are slightly more expensive than hostels but they’ll provide the comfort of having your own room. Typically Plov, Manty or Laghman. In this post we break down the cost of travel in Kyrgyzstan to show the prices of travel, accommodation, food, drinks etc. It can even snow in summer at this altitude! The first app tells you the route of each marshrutka, with the second app you type in the name of your location and destination and it will give you which marshrutkas are going there. 70 Som each way! We all do things differently and chose our budgets to reflect our comfort zones. It’s very easy to take a marshrutka to get around Kyrgyz cities or to travel between two different towns. This will be the most authentic yurt stay as you’ll be sharing the yurt with the family and get a glimpse of their daily life and activities in the mountains. Total cost of backpacking for 26 days. For the list of all the equipment and gear we recommend for camping in Kyrgyzstan, have a look at our Ultimate Packing List for Trekking in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is a country that is so beautiful that it defies the imagination. For domestic flights in Kyrgyzstan, check the website of Air Kyrgyzstan and Air Manas. Tourist restaurants tend to be more expensive and incur a 10-15% service charge. We met whilst trekking in Nepal in 1996, and have been following our passion for travel ever since – slowly exploring the world by shoestring travel on long-haul journeys to many amazing destinations. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO – KYRGYZSTAN TRAVEL TIPS: Your email address will not be published. Moreover, if you are in possession of an e-visa, you can travel to Kyrgyzstan both via land and air. Here's a travel guide which includes about Kyrgyzstan, Culture and People, Economy, Places to Visit, Things To Do, Climate and Best Time to Visit, and How to get there. It takes less than one hour to fly from Bishkek to Osh or vice versa. Kyrgyzstan is the real deal – delightfully simple and laid-back, its people are adaptable and hard-working, its nature pristine and inspiring, its opportunities for adventure numerous and diverse. This is more than what you pay for a marshrutka (public minibus) but less than if you would take a shared taxi. Throughout its history this nomadic state has always been pulled by the gravity of its greater neighbors. Hi Martin, it’s difficult to give you an exact budget for a whole year as it depends on the trips you take and whether or not you’re renting something as a base. This is working on the current exchange rate on 22 August 2018. It connects Bishkek and Karakol. Ukraine ️ 106 countries Prices for a nice double or twin room start at $12 per night. Kyrgyzstan (Кыргызстан) is a nation defined by its natural beauty. With really cheap flights between the two cities, the easiest and fastest way to travel between Bishkek and Osh is to take a direct flight. The standard price for a long distance ride should be between 800KGS and 1200KGS per person. There is only 1 domestic train service in Kyrgyzstan which is painfully slow but cheap as chips. But the best things in Kyrgyzstan, its stunning nature and majestic mountains, come completely free! Travelling inside the country has very few restriction and the Kyrgyz people are warm and hospitable. Kyrgyzstan is an excellent country to travel in and you can get around and live quite comfortably on as little as 1000 Som or US$15 a day if you are moving slowly. Kyrgyzstan Tourism: Tripadvisor has 31,705 reviews of Kyrgyzstan Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Kyrgyzstan resource. Welcome to Kyrgyzstan Tourism Information Website Kyrgyz Republic, Kyrgyzstan is an amazingly beautiful country, enclosed by very popular mountain ranges, glaciers and lakes of the world. How to travel the world as a Frugal Traveller. The only places where you can take a city bus in Kyrgyzstan are Bishkek and Osh. If you want to take a taxi within Bishkek and you can’t be bothered by bargaining for the price, use the Namba taxi app. 3. Sometimes we end up in a dorm if there is no other choice. I think around  200 Som for a decent cup of Joe. The equipment that you can rent from the Trekking Union is quite good. Sorry. Kyrgyzstan travel transports you to the Swiss Alps of Central Asia, an astonishingly gorgeous land which remains unspoiled by overcrowded cities or excessive tourism. It can be a bit confusing to take marshrutkas since they all have a different number and they don’t follow a fixed schedule. If you want to wash it down with beer or order a cocktail, you won’t pay much to party either—unless you pay a guy to drive to the next town and back because you’re in a dry village. Here are guesthouses where we particularly enjoyed staying in Bishkek: You can also rent a room or an apartment in Bishkek, Karakol or Osh on Airbnb (if it’s your first time on this site, get your discount here!). [kt_box opacity=”1″ background=”#eded6d”], Read everything you need to know about traveling in Kyrgyzstan in the. Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan but it’s an extremely safe and peaceful city (read: Is it safe to travel to Kyrgyzstan? Find out what you should be paying in advance from locals so you do not get overcharged. They have high-quality 4×4 vehicles and can advise you on which routes to take to access remote locations around the country. Just kindly ask them to give you at least 5 minutes. I also added the costs of living in Kyrgyzstan, in case you would be interested in staying there for a long time like we did. The world has way too many plastic bottles already! Wondered what was your budget for a whole year? FRUGAL TRAVEL TIP One of the BEST things to do in, A new year, and another delicious lunch! How much does food in Kyrgyzstan cost? We did that in Bishkek as we stayed for a long time. each person/2 people . #9 Best Value in Kyrgyzstan that matches your filters “ Depending on what you might be looking for, this hotel may or may not suit your needs. The best time to camp is between May and September but know that it can still get very cold, even during the summer months, if you’re high up in the mountains. GROUP TOURS 2021 $890 US Pearls of Kyrgyzstan: Issyk-Kul and Song-Kul. This country is truly one of the most beautiful destinations we’ve ever been to! No matter where you are in the world, the cheapest way to eat is always by buying food from the local supermarkets and cooking it yourself. You can already find flights between Bishkek and Osh from 40 USD. The price of renting a car per day depends on which city you’re renting it from. Prices do change rapidly and also we may have missed many things out. You can eat really cheaply in Kyrgyzstan. Tourism; Tourism. Prices for meals in restaurants in Kyrgyzstan are also relatively cheap. For a sit down meal the great budget option is the stolovaya. Some are an acquired taste. You can already have a good and hearty meal for $5 in a restaurant in a small town. Kyrgyzstan Group Tours provide a fun and cost-effective avenue for exploring this adventure-packed country. Hi, we’re Cynthia (Belgium) and Niko (Canada) and we’ve been on the road since 2011. There is a great Facebook group on which you can find apartments to rent called Expats in Bishkek. As summer comes, thousands of kyrgyz shepherds in different parts of the country move with their livestock to high summer pastures called jailoo. Kyrgyzstan is a small country but driving between some of the country’s major cities takes ages as you’ve got to cross many mountain passes. Most mountain passes have small windy roads, not ideal for big buses to drive on. We came up with the formula of paying 5 som per km when hitchhiking in Kyrgyzstan. The rating headlined as "12 emerging tourist destinations that you should visit in 2016" by the famous news portal Business Insider recommends to visit Kyrgyzstan in the first place. There are three main options for accommodation in Kyrgyzstan – homestays/yurt camps, usually organized by the local tourism offices (about €10 per person, per night), hotels (found in the main cities, about €30-60 per room depending on hotel level) and hostels (in Bishkek, Osh and Karakol, costs similar to homestays/yurt camps in shared accommodation). Here’s a break-down of the average costs of what we paid for shopping and eating in restaurants in Kyrgyzstan (price in USD). There the families erect round felt yurts (known as boz ui) and stay up until the beginning of October. In our Backpacking guide to Kyrgyzstan, we explain how to take marshrutkas within the major Kyrgyz cities. The food is tasty and filling too. Want to know the cost of travel in Kyrgyzstan? The price isn’t always fixed and you have to negotiate your fare. Check the current exchange rate on, Read – Travel Costs and Information for Iraqi Kurdistan. Cultural (20) Nature & Adventure (19) Independent (10) Activities (6) Small Group (11) Budget (7) Singles and Solo (17) For Couples (7) Seniors (6) Types. Add on some … There groups have fewer members than the Bishkek one but it’s worth joining them if you’re planning on basing yourself in Osh or Karakol. There are many places to camp free or you can often pay hostels a small amount of money to camp in their grounds and use their facilities. Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant 4.37 $  Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course 14.56 $ Domestic Beer (1 pint draught) 1.02 $ Imported Beer (12 oz small bottle) 1.24 $ Cappuccino (regular) 1.44 $ Coke/Pepsi (12 oz small bottle) 0.42 $ Water (12 oz small bottle) 0.28 $, Milk (regular), (1 gallon) 2.77 $ Loaf of Fresh White Bread (1 lb) 0.27 $ Rice (white), (1 lb) 0.42 $ Eggs (regular) (12) 1.22 $ Local Cheese (1 lb) 2.49 $ Chicken Breasts (Boneless, Skinless), (1 lb) 1.61 $ Beef Round (1 lb) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) 2.65 $ Apples (1 lb) 0.52 $ Banana (1 lb) 0.72 $ Oranges (1 lb) 0.76 $ Tomato (1 lb) 0.70 $ Potato (1 lb) 0.16 $ Onion (1 lb) 0.15 $ Lettuce (1 head) 0.51 $ Water (1.5 liter bottle) 0.43 $ Bottle of Wine (Mid-Range) 5.10 $ Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 0.83 $. A half-eaten bowl of traditional Kyrgyz noodles… we always forget to take proper food pictures before starting to eat. Fruit and veg are ridiculously cheap in the wonderful markets if you are on a real budget. Horse Riding in Kyrgyzstan - The Complete Guide to horse trekking to Song Kol Lake, How to become a House Sitter – The Complete Guide to House Sitting, What is the Best Way to Learn Spanish: My Top 9 Tricks to Learn Spanish, How to Learn Two Languages at the Same Time, 11 Tips to learn Russian Quickly and Effectively, Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Center: 282 USD per month, Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Center: 175 USD per month, Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Center: 500 USD per month, Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Center: 310 USD per month. In general, Kyrgyzstan is a very cheap country to travel in, especially if you travel there during summer. Additionally, there is a service fee of USD 35.00 for standard processing. Museums, entry fees etc. In Bishkek the prices are as follows :-. Join us as we wander the globe If you want to hitchhike but you don’t want to pay for the rides, you’ll have to tell the driver before getting in the car. A budget guide to Kyrgyzstan with plenty of info about the costs of living and backpacking in Kyrgyzstan. “ One week trekking through Tien Shan Mountains, on week a Jeep Tour to nice places in Kyrgyzstan. Restaurants. Although apartments in Kyrgyzstan on Airbnb can be quite expensive, most hosts give a good discount if you rent per month. You can make your trip to Kyrgyzstan as cheap or expensive as you want. We’d love to hear from you! In the early 2000s, an average of about 450,000 tourists visited annually, mainly from countries of the former Soviet Union. If you’re a budget backpacker, you’ll easily find a dorm bed in the big cities for $6 a night and you can have a big meal in a restaurant for less than $4. Ultimate Backpacking Guide to Kyrgyzstan! Kyrgyzstan is truly the center of jailoo tourism. Yurts are the most important symbol of the Kyrgyz culture. Have a good wander around the market to check out prices before buying. In this section we show what we paid per person as an example. There is only one (night) bus that you can take in Kyrgyzstan. There are also still many ‘authentic’ yurt camps that are built to provide a home and shelter to the many shepherd families living in the valleys. However, we loved staying in homestays as they gave us the opportunity to experience and learn more about the Kyrgyz way of living. has been of use to anyone planning a travel budget to Kyrgyzstan. In the cities you will see sellers sitting on street corners next to barrels of cold drinks which they pour for you. If you do choose to book through these links, it will help us to continue our travels. Here’s a list of 7 tourist spots in Kyrgyzstan that are guaranteed not to disappoint. In case you’d rent an apartment in Bishkek, only eat out once a week and do all your trips solely by taking public transportation (so no car rental or guided trips), you’d be fine with a budget of €500 – €600 per month. It’s always best to ask around for recommendations off other travellers and to establish exactly what the tour includes before committing. Apply now online. Staying in family-run guesthouses, your own tent or yurts will certainly save you plenty of money. You will also find ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks in some parts of Kyrgyzstan due to previous Soviet policy. It averages 30 kph between Bishkek and Balykychy and takes 5 hours compared to the bus which takes 2. *  This article contains some affiliate links and If you book your accommodation through the links in this post, we’ll receive a small commission at no extra costs for you. Kyrgyzstan: Lakes, Valleys, Canyons and Nomadic life; Kyrgyzstan Destinations. The journey all the way from Moscow cost around 150€ in the third class. If you’re traveling independently, you can usually just show up at one of these yurt camps and ask if there’s a place available for the night. We found that often you can negotiate a cheaper rate if you just rock up. Whenever you go on a trek through the mountains, you’ll come across many of these yurt camps. We tend to go for the cheapest double room we can find. This is a good option if you want to have more privacy and enjoy a little rest after or before your trekking adventures in Kyrgyzstan. You might even learn how to milk a mare and taste the famous ‘kymyz’, the fermented horse milk that is a super popular alcoholic drink in Kyrgyzstan. For rush processing and super rush processing the service fee is USD 65.00 and USD 100.00 , respectively. This app is similar to Uber. Statistics; Methodology; Publications; Contacts; Quick Info. You can find a list of all the mountain and trekking equipment they rent on their website with a list of prices. The standard price for a ride within a city or town is 10KGS. The families living there are always happy to see a foreigner and will welcome you in their yurt for a tea and a snack. This photo was taken in August when we were camping near Kel Suu lake at an altitude of 3500 meters. You can get a marshrutka from Bishkek to most of the major cities and towns in Kyrgyzstan at the Western bus station. The temper, Glorious weather on Thursday for our 7km walk eac, Out walking the beautiful beaches along the Algarv, FRUGAL TRAVEL TIP: Travel out of season and do you, We finally made it to the Algarve! There are always a few extra Miscellaneous costs when travelling. Hitchhiking or renting a car are also possibilities and if you’re on a tight schedule and want to save time, you can always take a domestic flight from Bishkek to Osh. There are shared taxis and marshrutkas (minibus) linking most of the cities and villages of the country. If you are on a quick, short holiday you are probably going to want to do things a bit differently. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Getting around in Kyrgyzstan – costs of transportation. It’s a classified ad website so you can find tons of properties and apartments advertised there for the whole country. Kyrgyzstan. You can easily book guesthouses in advance on These taxis are shared with other people and you split the costs so you pay per seat. We chose Bishkek as our base as it was easier for our 2-monthly visa runs into Kazakhstan. We took it just for fun! There are many yurt camps in popular places like Song Kul lake and lake Issyk- Kul that are build to host travelers. All expenses considered, apartments in Kyrgyzstan are very cheap. If you’re doing rural homestays, you’ll likely be treated to the trough toilet, which is basically a few planks over a deep pit. There are many different ways to travel around Kyrgyzstan. These fruit and veg prices are for Bishkek in August! Travelers interested in touring Kyrgyzstan should be aware that Kyrgyzstan has recently gone visa free for citizens of 44 counties including the US, Canada, and most of the European Union.
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